The Ins and Outs Of HubSpot Headquarters: BUMKC Office Visit

By Ryan Jhaveri

This past Tuesday, the Boston University Marketing Club visited the unique, modern office of HubSpot, a company headquartered in Cambridge dedicated to developing and marketing software products for inbound marketing and sales. We heard from campus recruiter Kate Kearns as well as former and current BU students who have interned or currently work at HubSpot, including our very own members, Neha and Tom.

BU alum and BUMKC members participate in a panel discussion about their experience with the company.

BU alum and BUMKC members participate in a panel discussion about their experience with the company.

A Little About HubSpot

In 2004, the to-be founders of this company, Brain Halligan and Dharmesh Shah met as graduate MIT students. Both fully immersed in the startup culture at the time, albeit in different aspects, began to observe something very curious. Customers were not responding to intrusive marketing and sales tactics because they did not want to be harassed or interrupted by salespersons, but in fact, wanted to be helped. So these 2 grad students decided to do something about it and embarked on a mission to fully transform the process into something that was human, empathetic and personable. This mission was called HubSpot and today, 14 years on, they are a pioneer of inbound marketing and CRM sales software.

Our Night At The Office

The event at their office began with the BU alumni and current students talking about their experiences at HubSpot and how it shaped them to be better, more well-rounded individuals. They took questions from a crowd of eager students looking to know more about this awesome company and how they could get into the doors.

HubSpot’s sunny atrium.

HubSpot’s sunny atrium.

The alum spoke passionately that HubSpot is a company that is very focused on maintaining a strong company culture that is actually very unique. It is centered around empathy, humility, hard work and transparency, all values that are deeply engrained in all employees of the company and is a distinguishing factor from many of its competitors. HubSpot focuses immensely on autonomy and giving responsibility to its employees - exemplified by their “Unlimited Vacation” policy - whether you are an intern on your first day or a very experienced employee high up in the organization. They pride themselves on promoting a collaborative, active, fun and hardworking workspace that focuses on efficiency.

This speaker series was followed by a presentation from the campus recruiter Kate. She spoke about the different entry level positions that a student or graduating senior could enter HubSpot through as well as the different timelines and deadlines to apply for certain positions. All of this information garnered a ton of questions from prospective “HubSpotters” ranging from start dates to work flexibility and interview stages, all of which Kate was more than happy to answer.

Finally, the tour ended on a great note with a tour of their expansive and contemporary office buildings, which according to Kate “was one of the main reasons people wanted to work at HubSpot”. We were taken through the main courtyard which has an overlooking glass structure through which we could see glimpses of the terrifying lightning on a rainy Boston Tuesday. Next followed one of the many kitchen areas, stocked with an overwhelming amount of food, coffee, food and more coffee. There were candy dispensers, beer taps (yes, beer) and a variety of yogurt and fruit options. Feeling the hunger rumbling through our collective stomachs, we headed across to the other building where we saw conference rooms, office spaces and an area fully dedicated to coffee and tea with its own barista. We also got a small window into their office culture in action when we spotted a group of employees having a good time while fully engaged a serious game of trivia. This concluded the tour with everyone rather apprehensive about the torrid weather but happy to have done the tour.

There was a lot of information provided to us during this event. However, there are some key points that can be taken away from the event for all those interested in the company and applying for internship opportunities. They are:

  • HubSpot is known to be a workplace full of autonomy and responsibility where interns are treated as full time employees.

  • The ability to handle and delegate time efficiently to a large number of different tasks is very important.

  • In a company focused on organic growth, networking with people in different departments could be the key to going up the ladder.

  • And finally, “HubSpot 15” could be a very real thing. There is an unhealthy amount of free food - see below for an example.

HubSpot’s many free stashes of snacks.   Source:

HubSpot’s many free stashes of snacks.


We hope you enjoyed the article! To learn more about HubSpot and learn about potential career opportunities, click here.

Neha Saboo