Bose: More Than Just Headphones

By Tom Adams


This Tuesday BUMKC had the privilege of hearing form Diane Koziel, Manager of Channel Marketing at Bose. At Bose she specifically manages the Bose Professional line of products, or Bose products used for commercial applications. With their headquarters located in nearby Framingham, Massachusetts, Bose is a fantastic choice for those looking to start their career in the audio industry.

How Bose Markets Their Professional Line of Products

While Bose is mostly known for their exceptional consumer products, such as their iconic noise cancelling headphones, we learned that there still was considerable amount of work to be done to change the common misconception that Bose doesn’t have products that can serve a professional market. Diane explained that there isn’t as much awareness as they’d like among professional customers that Bose has equipment to fit their needs. This stems from the fact that their consumer lines of products are so well known. As manager of Channel Marketing, this is one of the marketing challenges she works constantly to address.


Some of the typical applications for Bose Professional products are in sporting arenas, concert venues, retail stores, and more. You can find commercial Bose products in Boston in Copley square and the Prudential Center mall. The fact that these applications are relatively inconspicuous is one of the main reasons that most people are unaware that Bose products are being used in stores and locations they commonly visit.

However, just because they might not be top of mind for potential customers, Diane emphasized that the performance of their products still has that high quality standard set by the consumer products. To prove to commercial customers that Bose has the capability they need, they have special experiential rooms at their headquarters in Framingham that showcases all the unique patented technology they utilize in their commercial products.

How The Channel Manager Role Impacts The Business

Diane explained that her role in Channel Marketing allows her to be closely aligned with the sales team. The work that she does in marketing can be directly related to the performance of the company, which isn’t always the case for other types marketing teams. She explained that what makes her position rewarding is being able to feel the tangible impact of her efforts on the company. Having a natural affinity for the fast-paced sales environment, this type of marketing role fits her extremely well.

Channel marketing is as much about building relationships as it is developing the tools and content the consumers will need.
— Diane Koziel

Specific activities her team influences are email campaigns, social media advertising, events and trade shows. Additionally, they work with outside agencies to develop advertising messaging and positioning of their products. All these marketing initiatives will help give Bose Professional the type of exposure they need to be top of mind among commercial consumers.

Getting Your Career Started at Bose

Summer internships at Bose in Framingham are common and are a perfect way to get involved with the company. Check out their Careers Page to see available openings! Diane explained that there are a wide variety of roles to fit a myriad of interests and areas of study.

In making important career decisions, these were Diane’s top 5 tips/pieces of advice for starting a marketing career (whether it’s at Bose or not):

  1. Your career will always be evolving.

  2. Most people find that they have a strong preference between client facing roles and agency roles.

  3. Learn by experience: Utilize internships and other networking opportunities to understand the type of work that goes into different types of roles.

  4. It’s important to have an affinity or interest in the brand/company you end up working for.

  5. Make sure that the company culture is match with what you’re looking for.

We hope you enjoyed the event! For more information on Bose Professional products, visit their website here.

Neha Saboo