3 Reasons Why Colorpop has the Heart of Consumers

By Ha Nguyen

Colourpop, the cruelty-free claim, low budget, trendy cosmetic brand has been captivating the heart of many millennials in America and all around the world over the past few years. This company has been able to keep the price of their products low and provide high quality goods and also customer services. As intelligent consumers, many make up lovers have chosen Colourpop over other high-end cosmetic brands. So what makes this brand so successful?

  1. The brand takes over social media

In the age when internet has all the information, Colourpop’s strongest marketing campaign is how well they use social medias. With 5.1 million followers on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/colourpopcosmetics/), the brand is able to reach to its targeted audience - younger people. Aside from Instagram, it is never difficult to find Colourpop on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat with very concise, “trendy” captions that are able to impress the readers without tiring them from reading. 

2. Colourpop takes visuals and packaging very seriously

Colourpop’s most effective way of reaching out to their customers is through social media. Moreover, they sell their products effectively through the online website. There is no way for customers to actually touch and feel the products before they want to purchase. Due to these factors, Colourpop focuses on the graphic designs of their website. There is always a coherent theme throughout: vibrant, young and colorful. The company always has swatches of their products on three skin tones: pale, medium and deep (which also expands their range of target customers).


The brand’s packaging is always kept at the lowest cost by using white plastic while a lot of cosmetic brands these days lean toward using metallic material. (https://www.thomasnet.com/articles/custom-manufacturing-fabricating/plastic-fab-metal-fab). However, they evidently invest heavily in designing their packaging. The design is fun and very eye catching and, yes, extremely appealing to customers.  In addition to low production costs, the appearance of the packaging and visual factors really boost Coloupop’s sale over the past few years.

Source: http://www.freewebsitereport.org/www.colourpop.com

3. Colourpop is coming to Sephora in November

Last but not least, all make up lovers know that Colourpop is coming to Sephora in November this year. This would be such a huge leap for the brand as a marketing strategy. Normally, only mid range to high end priced brands are featured in Sephora. Colourpop is going to be the first budget-friendly brand to be featured. The fact that Colourpop is going to be on the shelves of Sephora really elevates the actual value of the products because their products are being placed in the same store with highly priced brands such as Dior, Too Faced, Kat Von D, etc. Moreover, being featured in Sephora would give Colourpop lovers to be able to test the product physically before actually buying them.

Along with an excellent customer service system and high quality products, Colourpop’s marketing strategy really help the company to maintain a great relationship with customers as well as keep them well informed. I do believe that with this very creative path of expanding, Colourpop is going to continue to rule the low budget cosmetic world in the future.


Neha Saboo