5 Reasons You Should Consider HubSpot, From A Former Intern

By Tom Adams

For those who have heard of HubSpot, you may know them best for their Culture Code. Emphasizing a transparent, personable, and empathetic company culture, this vision remains synonymous with the inbound ideology that powers the company’s robust marketing automation software. HubSpot’s a marketing automation SaaS company based in Cambridge that sells its software from small businesses to large corporations.


On Tuesday, October 10th, the BU Marketing Club hosted Senior Field Marketing Manager Juliana Nicholson to speak about HubSpot. She walked members through the step-by-step process of the Inbound Marketing Methodology, summarized the company’s view on the future of marketing, and explained why all this matters to us as aspiring marketing professionals. For those who couldn’t make it, here’s the link to her slides.

Also, let’s get this straight – Juliana is seriously the BOMB. I had the privilege of working as her intern within the Field Marketing team over the summer, so I thought I’d add to her presentation by outlining some of my key takeaways my internship experience.

1. HubSpot employees’ (or “HubSpotters”, for short) are always eager to help, whether it’s a technical or directions to the closest beer tap.

 On my first day on the job, if you asked me what exactly HubSpot did, I’m not too sure I could’ve told you other than throwing out the word “inbound” and hoping it stuck. My position within sales enablement/marketing realm meant that I needed to know HubSpot’s product like the back of my hand if I wanted to create impactful marketing material.

However, my lack of product-specific knowledge made me realize why makes working at HubSpot so great – it’s the people. HubSpotters’ calendars are entirely open - grabbing a coffee or a bite to eat with another employee is truly a tenant of the company’s culture and expected of new employees. For example, if I had a technical question about the software, or wanted to know how a specific salesperson sells the product, I could reach out and schedule a time to sit down and talk about it. Not only was this a casual, laid-back way of gaining technical knowledge, but also an amazing outlet to network.

While the full-time employees I worked with were truly remarkable, I’d be leaving out a huge chunk of my experience if I didn’t mention the other interns I had the pleasure of working with. They’re awesome.


2. There’s little handholding and HubSpot moves fast – but that’s a good thing.

Even though HubSpotters are always more than happy to help, there’s little handholding when it comes to getting your work done as an intern. You hit the ground running, so keeping prioritized is absolutely key to performing in your position.

I’m not going to lie - I initially really struggled with this. The pace of the work is blisteringly fast, and it contrasted my experience in previous internships. In the past, I’d normally receive tasks one-by-one, and given more responsibility as I completed what was asked of me. Big projects wouldn’t come up much.

HubSpot was the polar opposite. On my first day, I received my “100 Day Document” from Juliana, outlining all the projects and tasks that I would be doing the entire summer. Through some long, stressful days feeling like I was being pulled in a million different directions, I learned the hard way to effectively strategize my day. The pace of work at HubSpot is blisteringly fast, so with same-day deadlines and impromptu projects popping up, this skill proved to be absolutely key.

3. I loved being responsible for “start-to-end” projects that had real business impact.

While at HubSpot, I was able to execute a ton of projects that I saw through from conception to completion. For example, one of my projects was to build separate webpages from the ground up about how HubSpot software can help companies in different industries.

The purpose of these webpages was to direct prospective customers to book a sales call with a rep. To make sure this collateral was the most informative it could be, I ran a focus group with tenured sales reps to figure out the questions and concerns that prospects usually ask them. I used their feedback as I drafted the copy, tested different webpage layouts, and did (super basic) graphic design.

Now published on the HubSpot website, these webpages are now a really powerful tool for the sales team. Prospective customers can learn more about how HubSpot specifically helps them, and come to a sales call better informed.

On top of that, I created a case study for Epec technologies, showcasing how they leveraged HubSpot’s software to grow their business. I did background research, interviewed senior leadership, and wrote a case on the whole thing. This is also used as sales collateral, reinforcing HubSpot’s credibility within the market.

It’s so rewarding to have a key role in impactful projects that are still used long after the completion of my internship. Just to be clear, I definitely couldn’t have done it without Juliana’s guidance!

(If you’re interested, you can check the page I made for the manufacturing industry here, and the case study here.)

4. HubSpot’s global presence allowed me to work hand-in-hand with colleagues around the world.

HubSpot has seven offices globally, and is continuing to grow like crazy. During the course of my internship, I had the opportunity to work with colleagues from all over the world. I collaborated on email marketing with another intern in Dublin, and conducted meetings with marketing managers in Australia and Latin America.

Having this ability to take advantage of HubSpot’s international presence was one of the most memorable aspects of my internship, since allowing interns to take advantage of global relationships is something I definitely wasn’t expecting.

5. Last but not least, who could forget the perks?

HubSpot has a ridiculous amount of perks. A coffee and beer garden, unlimited vacation, an in-office meditation room, free Hubway membership, company outings, free dinners, dog friendly office space, free snacks… the list seriously goes on and on.

All in all, interning at HubSpot this summer was a truly amazing, rewarding experience. I fell in love with the tech/SaaS industry and definitely want to continue my marketing career down that path.

This post is really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I did too, so feel free to reach out with any other questions! If you’re interested in an internship opportunity, you can check out HubSpot’s careers page.


Neha Saboo