5 Recent Ad Campaigns That Caught Our Eye

By Neha Saboo


Advertisements, in their earliest form were used largely by companies in an attempt to get more people to buy their products. They had one sole purpose and that was to get the name of their product across and increase sales. Today, the Millennials have changed the face of advertising. It’s shown that there’s much less tolerance for low production value and the reduction in depth and quality only add to the “digital landfill.”

As Vice Media LLC CEO Shane Smith said “There’s going to be a consolidation in media. Only the strong survive.” We want stories in our advertisements today. We want depth, emotion and integrity. We want to connect.

In recent years, there have been better and better ad campaigns coming out, some that deliver hope, some that tug at your heartstrings and some that motivate you to get out of bed and do something (Nike’s Just Do It slogan just came into your mind didn’t it?)

So without further ado, have a look through some of the campaigns that caught our eye as we searched the web.

1.  Audi – Daughter

Just two weeks before The Super Bowl, more than 2.5 million people participated in the historic Women’s March around the globe. With the 60-second “Daughter commercial” the German automobile manufacturer stood its ground as a Feminist on behalf of one of the most troubling social issues today.In today’s era, you can connect to people through humor or speak to them emotionally. Audi decided to take a chance from its previous style of advertisements, including humor and showcases of its newest cars, features and technology.

Audi - Daughter

The ad showed a dad’s thought process while watching his young daughter compete in a cart race. He contemplated what to tell his daughter about her worth. Should he have told her that she will ‘automatically be valued as less than every man she ever meets?”

Set in dark, grim tones, the commercial ends on a hopeful note as the girl crosses the finish line first as the dad thinks “Or maybe I’ll be able to tell her something different.”

Our generation today is a generation of change. We fight for what we want, what we believe in and we don’t back down. Through this gender equality commercial, Audi showed millions of people where they stand in this fight.

2.  84 Lumber – The Entire Journey

The United States of America has been home to many types of people. People of different origins with different beliefs and different lifestyles. It is, or was the land of diversity. It was the single opportunity for people from different parts of the world to come to this land and make a life for themselves because America doesn’t discriminate against race, color, religion or sex.Today, the circumstances have changed. President Trump managed to make immigrating a much more difficult and strenuous process, proposing the referenced border wall. 84 Lumber wanted to bring to attention what was going on in this nation and as Adweek.com mentioned, the company felt it would be wrong for them to ignore the conversation taking place in every kitchen table in America.

84 Lumber

The ad featured a mother and daughters ‘entire journey’ from Mexico to America. There were moments of strength, weakness and struggle but it would be worth the wait right? As they reached their destination, they found a huge, daunting wall stopping them from crossing the border. The emotions that both the mother and daughter felt were echoed throughout America. They ended, similarly to Audi, on an opportunistic note, stating “The will to succeed is always welcome here.”

Featured in the Superbowl 2017, due to its controversial nature Fox allowed only 30 seconds of airtime for the commercial however the company posted the full length version on its website, which crashed due to a major increase in traffic. Nevertheless, the company took a stand in what they believe in, trying to convey that once again, America is the land of opportunity and that “84 Lumber is the company of opportunity”, according to Rob Shapiro at Brunner agency.

3.  President’s Choice - #EatTogether

In a world running on the wheels of technology, we often make less time to actually spend time with people without any phones, any distractions any technology. We’re stuck on our phones, checking our Facebook notifications and how many likes we got on that new post on Instagram. Kid’s eat in front of a laptop, watching a movie in their room instead of sitting around the dinner table talking about their day with their family.This 2017, for Canada’s 150th birthday, the Loblaw Company and President’s Choice brand made it a goal to get Canadians to eat together. Whether it’s a 3 course meal or midnight snack, everyone knows that a family that eats together, stays together.

President's Choice - Eat Together

The ad includes one woman noticing that everyone around her is in their own little world. No one is talking to each other, no one is connecting and no one is making an effort. She becomes so fed up that her and her roommate shove a few tables out into their hallway, waiting for others to join them. Slowly, neighbors come bringing their own food and tables. As the song “What the world needs now is love” plays in the background, you see people connecting and enjoying, bringing them closer.

Through this heartwarming advertisement, the brand shows us that in a time like this, we need to make more of an effort to keep the smallest things, smallest habits in life alive, for they are the most important.

4.  Under Armour – Rule Yourself

Last summer, as Michael Phelps took part in the Olympics for the last time, he also helped Under Armour release its motivational “Rule Yourself” ad, which quickly became one of the most shared Olympic commercials ever.

Under Armour - Rule Yourself

In the ad, they show Phelps’ intensive training. As an Olympic athlete, his life is swimming. From the non-stop swimming to the cupping therapy, Under Armour showed motivation, dedication and sacrifice all in one.Once again, the ad strings an emotional chord with the millennials. As their audience views the rigorous and exhaustive training process of Phelps through the lens of a camera, the pain and hard work draws a sense of inspiration, engaging the viewers through empathy and amazement. The ad ends on the quote “It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light.”

5.  Wix.com – Big Game Ad: Kung Fu Panda 3

Another super bowl commercial, in this one we see Wix and DreamWorks Animation collaborating to develop a fun, humorous campaign with the animated character, Kung Fu Panda.

Wix.com - Kung Fu Panda

By the 3rd movie of the Kung Fu Panda series, Po the panda was the dragon warrior. The ad started with Po’s father wondering how they can get more customers to come to Ping’s noodles. Po suggests creating a commercial featuring him. But Master Shifu, wise as always, says the way to begin is to create a #stunning website from Wix.com.Through humorous content, Wix.com connected with tens of millions of people using their Super Bowl spot, showing that they have something for everyone.


Neha Saboo