FENTY BEAUTY: Rihanna’s Entrance into the Beauty Industry

By Alyssa Chao

Rihanna has done it again— apart from her soaring music career, she is expanding her brand to now include her own beauty collection. Fenty Beauty, launched just two weeks ago on September 8th, has already made a mark on the beauty industry coming out as a (cruelty-free)  collection including foundation, highlighters, lip products, and more. On launch day, people were able to order at the company’s site, online and in stores at Sephora, and order to ship from overseas. This is huge, because many companies usually don’t and can’t start at such large scales. For a beauty company, competing for shelf space at Sephora is already difficult enough. On top of that, some of the products are already sold out at Sephora.


One of the most talked about products in her line is the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation due to its diverse range of 40 shades. Currently, it is hard to find such a large range of colors for foundations in a majority of brands that are out there in the market now. The lack of shades from coveted brands is frustrating for many people who are at both ends of the spectrum and just can’t find the perfect match for their skin. Now, it’s important to note that there are brands that carry larger ranges of colors like Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation. However, Rihanna’s collection is helping bring more awareness to this issue through her products.


Most reviews of products from Fenty Beauty have been positive—comments include loving the quality, diversity of shades, and price point compared to other high end brands. One notable review is from a nurse with albinism named Krystal Robertson. She raved about how the beauty company’s foundation is finally a perfect match for her. YouTube beauty vlogger Nyma Tang, who started her “The Darkest Shade” series where she tests foundations in dark shades, also had a positive review in one of her latest videos. In her video, she mentions that it isn’t an exact match, but she would still continue using the product and was happy that a huge launch like this happened. Both of their stories and reviews hit many media outlets, and it really comes to show just how well Rihanna was able to recognize the problem at hand and create value through a more inclusive range of shades.

Fenty Beauty came in with a bang, already tackling one of the major issues many have with the beauty industry. The question now is if existing brands will act on the attention that is surrounding the large range of shades in Fenty Beauty’s collection. Will other cosmetics companies follow suit and focus some of their attention on expanding their colors to be more inclusive?

Neha Saboo