So You Keep Up With Kardashian West, Too?

By Ha Nguyen

I have never in my life actually sat down and watch a single episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But if we ever have a conversation about how Kim is trying to get her shape back, how Khloe and Kim and Kylie are all expecting children or how Blac Chyna was such an elephant in the room for the family or anything along those lines, I’m pretty sure the conversation will get interesting because I always seem to know more than I think. This got me thinking, how is it the Kardashians are always on top of their marketing strategies.

Poster of the newest season on E!

Of all the sisters, Kim Kardashian West (KKW) is probably the most prominent. According to Forbes Magazine, KKW’s net worth is around $45.5 million. Her income is actually from Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality show, her merchandise, new cosmetics brand, recent clothing line for kids with Kanye West - her husband, and who knows what else! Aside from all the rumors, all the emotions (hate or love) toward this woman. How did she do this?

1. Kim is a “giant” on social media

Let’s be real. In this internet era, being famous on social media is the way to go. With 104 million followers on Instagram ( and 56.4 million followers on Twitter (…), KKW has one of the largest social media followings today. That’s insane. But then, it’s not even about the quantity. Quality matters more. Kim really knows how to use the benefits of her fame on social medias.


As a reality show star, to enhance the “reality” factor, Kim constantly tweets and asks her fan throughout the day questions for their preference, either about clothing or make-up or food decisions. By doing this, the audience feels like they have an insight of her life and they feel like they actually have an impact on her decisions. Instagram wise, according to the Bazaar, out of the whole family, Kim is paid the most for each of her sponsored Instagram post which can go up to $500K(

2. She turns negative things into business opportunities

Positive and negative, everything that can turn into attention is an opportunity for KKW. To talk about this, we have to go back when it all started. As soon as her identity was recognized by the public, Kim launched her reality show which is now Keeping Up With the Kardashians. A negative event happened suddenly turned into a huge opportunity that makes Kim the successful woman she is right now


Other negativities that Kim was able to grab and turned into beneficial things for her include the robbery in Paris, Kim’s newly exposed image of being overweight (which she then lost weight and gained back her fame), etc. No kind of crisis can be a downfall in her career. So far, she still much more comparing to other well known reality star and she also established relationships with people in the music industry and so is people in Hollywood. By this way of dealing with scandals and negativities, Kim is able to sustain her income, yet still be famous and have a huge number of fans supporting behind her back. Over the years, Kim became even more famous and she is involved in many businesses including cosmetic, merchandise, and her own app. 

3. She diversifies her business

Not satisfied with the success she has from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim pushed herself to expand her business. In the technology industry, she has Kimoji (which is built with the concept of Emoji). Fashion wise, she is collaborating with her husband, Kanye West, for the kids’ clothing line. In Cosmetics, following the successful footsteps of her half sister’s Kylie Jenner, Kim also has her own cosmetic line.  The family’s reality show Keep Up with the Kardashians, of course, is still going strong. This is actually their tenth year anniversary. By diversifying her business, she is able to attract more audience. More audience becomes more customers.


KKW Beauty Contour Kit.

So there you have it. Now you know the secret why all of us know so much about of the Kardashians. Personally, I think the Kardashian empire has been growing insanely fast and a massive part of that is undeniably by Kim Kardashian West and her marketing skills.

Neha Saboo