wHAT DRAWS YOUR attention?

Take a look at what each committee has to offer and notice where your curiosity drives you. 


Social Media & Graphic Design Committee

Join the social team and participate in content creation and social strategy across all our platforms - whether you're a digital marketing pro or just starting out, we guarantee you'll learn some awesome tips and tricks in your journey with us! 

Those leaning towards design, work with our coordinators to learn how to create event graphics and flyers using both your creative thinking skills and aesthetics. Become a Canva expert in just a semester and have personal samples to show for your work! No experience required.

Email reanap@bu.edu for more information.

Content Committee

If writing is your passion, hobby or something you just want to do more of, the content committee is the correct place to be. Our blog is filled with a range of posts - from branding tips to the Kardashians to event recaps - and you can add something different to the list! Learn the fundamentals of business and opinion writing as your work gets published and shared, through our newsletter and social platforms. 

Email alexhas@bu.edu on how to get started. Guest contributions are always welcome! 



This committee will be focusing solely on our upcoming Undergraduate Marketing Conference, co-hosted by BU Guerila Marketing Society. We're looking to create a small team of some serious go-getters who will thrive in the event management space. 

This is an amazing first-hand leadership opportunity where you'll be exposed to all aspects of event planning - from logistics to speakers to branding elements.

For more information, please reach out to mattylee@bu.edu 


Our fundraising team gets experience in both events and financial management. Through brainstorming sessions, we come up with different ways to fund our club, be it through restaurant fundraisers or Questrom/GSU tabling. 

If you're looking to get involved in the more financial aspect of marketing - contact dtweja2@bu.edu to get started! 




If you’re looking to develop your marketing knowledge or gain client experience, consider joining the accounts team! We offer the perks of an internship, but with more flexibility for students  of different levels of experience.

Each semester, we work with local companies to provide them with our marketing efforts such as market research, Google AdWords, social media strategy, media strategy, and more.

Email mehr@bu.edu or ghoshs@bu.edu to learn more about this opportunity!

Other Ideas? 

Have a different idea on how you want to get involved? Email bumkclub@gmail.com and we'll be sure to get back to you with our thoughts!